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If you've found yourself needing to by-pass geo restrictions for streaming content or you want to protect your online security (especially if you're spending increasingly more time on your laptop and mobile devices) then a VPN could be the solution for you.

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ExpressVPN's exceptional VPN deal:

What can VPNs be used for?

VPNs  - or Virtual Private Networks – are incredible popular and extremely handy. They help you remain anonymous and secure online, this is due to their encrypted tunnels and zero logs policies. So if you're working from home for a while or want to log onto your online banking safely – they're pretty ideal!

In addition its their versatility that makes them so attractive and perhaps an even better choice than traditional antivirus. Because they allow you to spoof the IP address of your laptop or phone (or even your router) it means you can bypass blocked websites and geo-restricted TV and sports coverage, too. And lots of people also use them to watch their country's Netflix or Disney Plus catalogue while abroad.

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