Easily clean around your house with the perfect pressure washer

Pressure Washers

Pressure washers are one of the most effective ways to clean around your home, porch, and driveway. Unlike traditional cleaning methods, they can easily remove mold, mildew, and nearly all other kinds of stains, leaving pavement and wood looking pristine. There are a variety of pressure washer styles and sizes, with options for PSI, detergent tanks, or carts with wheels — but which one should you choose for your cleaning needs? Check out a collection of our favorites.

Sun Joe SPX3000Sun Joe SPX3000

Double solution tanks:
Sun Joe SPX3000

Staff Pick

Need to tackle multiple cleaning projects this weekend? The two .9 liter tanks will allow you to have two types of cleaning solutions at the ready for your car, fence, or patio — so there’s no more stopping between to switch solutions. To conserve power, the spray wand will stop the flow when the safety switch is released.

$148 at Amazon

Sun Joe SPX3500Sun Joe SPX3500

Detergent dial:
Sun Joe SPX3500

A bit more powerful than our other Sun Joe models, this version offers up to 2300 PSI worth of pressure. You can easily adjust your cleaning solution concentration with the dial built into the front of the unit. The two large wheels make it easy to move around the yard as you clean.

$217 at Amazon

Greenworks GPW1502Greenworks GPW1502

Compact cleaner:
Greenworks GPW1502

Ideal for horizontal surfaces like patios or sidewalks, this model works up to 1500 PSI to get the job done. There aren’t any wheels, but at less than 16 lbs., it’s easy to carry around. The hose is 20 ft., so you won’t need to keep picking the unit when you need to change locations.

From $100 at Amazon

Powerhouse International Electric Platinum Powerhouse International Electric Platinum

Accessories included:
Powerhouse International Electric Platinum

The Powerhouse pressure washer delivers 2200-3000 PSI to make quick work of any cleaning task. A spinning patio cleaner, a foam sprayer, and soft bristle brush are all included. When you’re on the move, you can carry this unit, or set it on the included four-wheel base for easy maneuvering.

$300 at Amazon

Sun Joe SPX3001Sun Joe SPX3001

Large tank capacity:
Sun Joe SPX3001

If you hate gathering the hose after you’re done outdoors, then you’ll love the built-in hose reel on this pressure washer. The 40.6-ounce tank lets you tackle larger projects without needing a refill. There are five sprayer nozzles, a 34-inch extension wand, and a garden hose adapter included with your purchase.

$169 at Amazon

Stanley SLP2050Stanley SLP2050

Water saver:
Stanley SLP2050

Ditch using your traditional garden, since this Stanley pressure washer can save up to 80% water and provide 40% more pressure. It has a cart with two large wheels for transport, but can also be carried alone to your workspace. The brass garden hose connectors are professional grade, and their 22mm size supports many accessories.

$164 at Amazon

WEN PW3100WEN PW3100

WEN PW3100

The 208cc 4-stroke engine on this WEN pressure washer delivers up to 3100 PSI. A 30ft hose is included, so you won’t have to move the washer as often, as well as five quick-connect nozzles. When you do need to relocate, the 12-inch never-flat wheels can easily handle any terrain.

$299 at Amazon

Briggs & Stratton 20680Briggs & Stratton 20680

Lighter jobs:
Briggs & Stratton 20680

Recommended for vehicles, walkways, and patio furniture, this Briggs & Stratton pressure washer will be a great addition to any weekly cleaning routine. It has a max PSI of 1800 when using 1.1 gallons per minute. If you need to save time, snap on the included turbo nozzle, which makes cleaning up to 40 percent faster.

$149 at Amazon

Wash away

Pressure washers make quick work of stains and grime around your home that you would spend hours trying to scrub by hand. Even better, their setup and operation requires minimal physical exertion: just turn it on and point the sprayer. For most applications, we think the Sun Joe SPX3000 is the best option for most people. The dual detergent tanks allow you to easily switch between jobs, but you could also fill both with the same solution. And the automatic shut off when you release the trigger cuts down on power usage.

For those who need to tackle a large job, like a pool patio, we recommend the Powerhouse International Electric Pressure Platinum. A spinning patio cleaner attachment is included with your purchase, as well as a soft bristle brush attachment which would be perfect for lawn chairs.

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