EE’s stack of Black Friday deals lets you save big on iPhone, Samsung, Google and SIM-only contracts



(Pocket-lint) – Picking up a new smartphone around Black Friday always guarantees plenty of money off, and the latest deals from EE are making it even easier to save this time around. 

Those eyeing up an iPhone 11, Samsung Galaxy S20 5G or a solid SIM-only contract are particularly in luck, with a range of tasty offers allowing you to find the best deal before they expire on December 1. 

The iPhone 11, for example, is available for £29 per month (and £99 upfront) on the Essential Plan, giving you 1GB of data, unlimited texts/minutes and a mammoth saving of £241. However, if you need more data, you can opt for the contract that lets you pay £39 per month (and £50 upfront), receiving back 10GB of data and unlimited texts/minutes. In total, that lets you save £240.

If you’re Team Android, the latest Samsung flagship may be more to your liking, and the Galaxy S20 5G is available with a top discount – for £37 per month (and £70 upfront), you’ll get back 10GB of data, unlimited texts/minutes and a whopping saving of £462.

Google’s own device, the Google Pixel 4a, is available at a cut-rate with an added bonus chucked in, too. If you choose to pay £31 per month (and £30 upfront), you’ll get 10GB of data, unlimited texts/minutes and a 43-inch LG 4K UHD TV. The deal itself lets you save £192, anyway, so the free gift makes this a no-brainer for those who also need to pick up a TV this Black Friday.

A similar kind of treat is thrown in if you fancy converting to the Oppo A72. For £29 per month (and £30 upfront), there’s 10GB, unlimited texts/minutes and a saving of £144 to be had, as well as a free Nintendo Switch. 

Finally, for those who don’t fancy changing their phone just yet, the top SIM-only deal lets you receive 160GB and unlimited texts/minutes – all for just £20 per month. That’s the most data EE has ever handed out on a SIM-only deal, and, even though you’d have to be a major power user to make the most of it, it’s incredible value for money.

As ever, though, be sure to scout around all the networks this Black Friday to ensure you get the best deal. These are some top savings to be taken advantage of before that December 1 deadline from EE, but they could all prove extremely popular – especially the ones with free gifts. 

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Writing by Conor Allison.

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