Enjoy our list of the best DVDs for kids of all ages

It’s movie night and the kids’ turn to pick the movie. Any of the DVDs on our list are fun for kids and adults alike with memorable characters, fun stories, and great teaching moments. Each one has been tried and tested on our own kids, so we know how much they are loved. And we don’t mind admitting that we find them entertaining, too.

Best overall


Top Pick

It’s been hard to topple the fun story of sisters, Elsa and Anna from Arendelle. As other movies have emerged as potential Disney classics, the theme song alone of Frozen just can’t be let go long enough to be dethroned. Frozen is the story of two sisters, one with an icy secret and one longing to get close to her sister following their parents’ death. With the help of Christoph, Olaf, Sven, and other memorable characters, Elsa and Anna learn just how powerful family, and love, really is. Frozen is available in Blu-ray and through Amazon Prime Video, too.

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Best value

Despicable Me: Double Pack

Despicable Me is a fun story revolving around Gru, an evil villain determined to prove just how bad he is by, and three orphans sisters who live with him and teach him just how good he can be, too. With an award-winning cast, including Steve Carrell, Jason Segel, Miranda Cosgrove, and Julie Andrews, Despicable Me is endearing and fun for kids of all ages to enjoy. This DVD two-pack includes several mini-movies featuring the lovable side-kick clan of Gru’s minions.

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Best family favorite

The Lego Movie

This animated movie was created for families to enjoy together with enough fun, adventure, and lovable characters for everyone to relate to. Emmet, an ordinary guy learns that everyone has the ability to be extraordinary. Together with a group of familiar and new friends, Emmet goes on an adventure to stop the power-hungry businessman from destroying the Lego universe.

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Best comic book adaptation

Big Hero 6

Big Hero 6 is Disney’s animated adaptation of one of Marvel’s lesser-known superhero teams. Hiro Hamada, a young technology prodigy, and his friends work to uncover an evil plot that is threatening the city and the future of technology. Hiro’s best friend, Baymax, is a high-tech robot made by Hiro’s brother and is designed to always ensure Hiro’s well being, which brings fun, humor, and a lot of emotion to the overall story. Big Hero 6 is rated PG because of some thematic elements and rude humor.

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Best comedy

The Secret Life of Pets

This fun movie answers the question of what pets do when their humans leave. With a fun cast and memorable characters, The Secret Life of Pets follows two dogs, one a new member of the family, as they become lost and far from home. They must learn to work together in order to find their way back before their owner discovers them missing. Food, messes, and chaos are all part of the fun of this movie. This DVD also includes three mini-movies that feature the pets in the full-length movie and is available in Blu-ray and on Amazon Prime Video.

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Best live action

The Sandlot

Everyone loves a feel-good movie and this one really delivers. It draws on the American pastime – baseball – and old-time summer fun to bring you the story of Smalls, the new kid on the block that is pulled into the small town’s block baseball team and taught to be a good player despite having no prior knowledge, or skill, of the game. This coming of age story is filled with hilarity along with all the emotions of learning to fit in despite awkwardness and differences

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Our suggestion

You really can’t go wrong with Disney’s Frozen. While Frozen 2 is also a great movie and on everyone’s radar at the moment, the original is just a little more endearing and has songs that became instant classics. For older kids who are starting to outgrow animation, The Sandlot will keep their attention with a fun story that’s paced just right to keep their attention and plenty of mischief to keep them laughing.

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