Enjoy the fun of speed racing and off-road trailing with RC trucks

RC Trucks

RC trucks come in a wide range of styles and suitability. They can be used on straight level roads to rough and rocky terrains. They also come in a variety of quality levels, from expensive hobby-grade models to kids’ toys. That is why we aim to save you time by recommending the following short-list of RC trucks to solve your needs.

TopRace rc truckTopRace rc truck

Most popular choice:
Top Race Remote Control Car

Staff Pick

Here is an excellent truck that both adults and kids can enjoy. The strong anti-collision structure, 4-wheel drive, and the thick over-sized anti-skid tires take this RC truck over practically any terrain. Even shallow water will not stop the Top Race monster truck because the waterproof electronics keep it going. This off-road truck comes with powerful dual motors and shocks to get through the toughest landscape without breaking down or getting stuck, but don’t forget it’s excellence on a straight road also. It offers exceptional value for the cost.

$33 at Amazon

Altair4x4 rc truckAltair4x4 rc truck

Fast truck for adults:
Altair Fast Remote Control Crawler

Take this 4-wheel drive, water-resistant bad boy for a spin at up to 30 miles per hour. The Altair RC truck is a delight in lime green and black look with those mean-looking giant tires. Dual motors with metal sealed bearings, and a steel body ensures the Altair speeds through any heavy-duty obstacle. As for climbing, each tire has independent suspension, so race up those trails and see what this beast can do.

$170 at Amazon

RedcatVolcano rc truckRedcatVolcano rc truck

Best for beginners:
Redcat Racing Volcano EPX – 4WD Monster Truck

Use the tunable suspension, adjustable height, camber, and toe-angle to optimize the performance of this Redcat Volcano truck. A 4-wheel drive monster, the lightweight molded plastic chassis, aluminum capped oil filled shocks, and front and back gear differentials give you the performance and speed that makes for complete excitement. No doubt about it, this is one of the best RC trucks for individuals who are just starting.

$154 at Amazon

RedcatEverest rc truckRedcatEverest rc truck

Best rock crawler:
Redcat Racing Everest-10 Electric Rock Crawler

This crawler will climb over anything that it can get traction on. The oil-filled shocks are aluminum capped to give extra stability, and the Everest features ball bearings throughout the design. Just adjust the ride height and tune the suspension to optimize the performance for the terrain, and the large tires will do the rest. Redcat makes exciting and quality RC vehicles, and this one is right up there with its waterproof electronics to keep it running in all kinds of weather.

$164 at Amazon

Hosim rc truckHosim rc truck

Crawl and speed combo:
Hosim Large Size High Speed RC Truck

The Hosim RC truck reaches amazing level road speeds up to 30 miles per hour that is also built for off-road ventures. The premium anti-skid heavy-duty wheels and the sealed ball-bearings are specially designed for rugged roads and tough environments. Double powerful 390 motors provide massive power to the soft PVC rubber tires. Now you can enjoy the thrill of straight road racing and going on off-road trails.

$110 at Amazon

We can’t all go off-roading for real, but these RC trucks are our next best option

Whether you want an RC truck to race or climb hills, you can find a suitable truck. The large variety available can quickly confuse you. That is why we recommend the Top Race Remote Control Car as our best choice. It’s cheap but doesn’t sacrifice on the features for terrains and other applications. Its strong anti-collision structure and immense rock-climbing power are sure to give you a surprise.

If you value more the rock-climbing capabilities, in which case, go with the Redcat Racing Everest-10 Electric Rock Crawler.

Whichever truck you choose from our list, you are sure to enjoy endless fun.

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