Enjoy toast for the whole family with the best 4-slice toasters

We all know that a 2-slice toaster is a nightmare if you have a family, or even if you just like toast. By the time you’ve made enough toast for everyone, all the slices are cold, and all you are left with is cold hard bread. A good 4-slice toaster will let you toast enough for all the family, and most of them can even make bagels as well, so you can have the best breakfast ever.

Best Overall

KRUPS KH734D Breakfast Set 4-Slot Toaster

Staff Pick

This mirror finishes 4-slice toaster is perfect for just about any kitchen as it more like having two toasters stuck together. Each side is an independent 2-slice toaster with its heat settings, bagel button, and even it’s own crumb tray. This gives you the flexibility of cooking for those who like toast (me) and those that want warm bread (my wife).

$50 at Amazon


Maxi-Matic ECT-3100 Long 4 Slice Toaster

Most 4-slice toasters are big and chunky affairs and take up a lot of space. If space is a premium in your kitchen, then this slimline toaster from Maxi-Matic is an excellent choice. Because it is long and thin, it can fit in areas that the girthy toasters can’t. The only issue is it can’t toast bagels like the other toasters on this list.

$40 at Amazon

A vintage look

Buydeem DT-6B83G 4-Slice Toaster

The shiny metal is all well and good, but there has been a move lately to the pastel colors of the 1950s. This powder green 4-slice toaster from Buydeem is gorgeous and has extra-wide slots to make sure you can get those big bagels in there for toasting. If you want a toaster that looks as good as it toasts, then grab this one today.

$55 at Amazon

Grilled cheese FTW

Hamilton Beach 31344D Easy Reach

This is not a traditional toaster, but it takes your 4-slice toasting to the next level. Not only can you toast four slices, but you can also make grilled cheese or even pizza in the sizeable toaster oven. I like the glass front as well. It lets you see how your toast is doing as it is cooking. Love it.

$48 at Amazon

Technically 4-slices

Nostalgia Pop-Up 4 Hot Dog and Bun Toaster

Ok, maybe this isn’t the standard “4-slice” toaster, but it does toast four pieces of bread, while also making hot dogs! I love the idea of this, especially as I have a little drive-in theater in my back yard. I can quickly and easily make hotdogs for the whole family!

$40 at Amazon

Let’s get toasted

Having a big toaster makes life easier, and anything that does that is worth its weight in gold. I really like the mirror finish on the KRUPS KH734D, and the different settings and choices make it the best overall 4-slice toaster around right now. It will look excellent in any kitchen and make breakfast a real breeze.

If you are looking for something with a small footprint that can squeeze into a thin space, then the Maxi-Matic Thinline toaster is an excellent choice. It may not be able to cook bagels, but it will cook four slices of texas toast with no problems.

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