Ensure you aren’t contributing to landfills by recycling with these bags!

recycling bags

Putting items out for recycling sometimes sounds easier than it is. After all, if you have tons of soda cans, you might end up with a mess by the recycling bin if it gets knocked over. Recycling bags make things a little easier by delivering an option that lets you bag up the mess and ensure that it’s easy to toss in the truck on recycling day!

Simplehuman recycling bags size KSimplehuman recycling bags size K

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Simplehuman recycling bags

Staff Pick

If you have many recyclables cycling through your home, then having a dedicated recycling bin may be a good option. Simplehuman has fantastic can liners built to contain everything you throw at them. Our favorite is the Code K recycling bags with a 9-to-12-gallon capacity, but you can also get them in larger or smaller sizes. These bags are super reliable and can easily hold up to 30+ pounds without any chance of rips, tears, or leaks. You get 50 bags in a pack, and they’re transparent, so it’s always clear when the bags are full of items for the recycling plant and not a landfill!

$19 at Amazon

Hefty Recycling Tall Kitchen Bags Hefty Recycling Tall Kitchen Bags

Runner up:
Hefty recycling tall kitchen bags

Choosing a trusted brand for your recycling bags is a no-brainer. Hefty recycling tall kitchen bags are durable and perfect for cans or broken-down delivery boxes. You get 60 bags in each box, and they’re see-through, making it easy to tell what is inside. This option is also super affordable, making it an excellent opportunity for families on a tighter budget. They even have odor control, so that your kitchen never gets stinky from recycling that sits for more than a few days.

$9 at Amazon

OKKEA Trash Bags OKKEA Trash Bags

Office approved:
OKKEA trash bags

If you have a lot of paperwork coming through your office, then having a dedicated recycling bin near your desk may be a good call. In that case, you may want smaller bags that fit your office bin. OKKEA trash bags are a perfect size, with a 7-to-10-gallon capacity. They’re thicker than some alternatives at 1.15 millimeters, and you’ll get 60 bags in a box.

$17 at Amazon

Inwaysin Biodegradable Trash BagsInwaysin Biodegradable Trash Bags

Better for the environment:
Inwaysin biodegradable trash bags

Recycling is one small way that households can do their part to help slow down global warming by limiting how much waste they send to landfills. The Inwaysin biodegradable trash bags go one step further because they degrade over time instead of becoming more trash that needs to be dealt with. There are 75 bags in each package, and they’re quite thick at 1.18-millimeters thick. These bags are also compostable, leak-proof, and tear-proof, so you can trust them to take out the trash without any extra mess!

$24 at Amazon

Bottom line

Recycling reusable materials means that less trash ends up in landfills and oceans. Using a recycling bag ensures that you don’t make a bigger mess by accident while trying to do your part to help the planet. Our favorite recycling bags are Simplehuman recycling bags. They come in several different sizes, you get 60 bags in each box, and they can hold up to 30 pounds without worrying about leaks or tears!

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