Entertain Bored Children With Google Play’s Kids Tab

In an effort to help entertain bored children stuck at home during the coronavirus crisis, Google has launched a dedicated Kids tab in Google Play. And with most schools currently shut down to prevent the spread of COVID-19, this is a very timely initiative.

Are Your Children Getting Bored Yet?

If you’re in the US, or one of the many other countries where the government has instituted some kind of lockdown, your kids might be getting bored. Because, as much as they may claim to hate going to school, there’s only so much you, or they, can do at home.

Plenty of companies are trying to make the lockdown easier for parents and kids alike, and Google is one of them. The company has already given Google Stadia away for free, and now it’s adding a Kids section to Google Play in order to help kids find new apps.

How to Use Google Play’s Kids Section

In a post on The Keyword, Google details Google Play’s new Kids tab. According to the company, the tab is “filled with ‘Teacher approved’ apps that are both enriching and entertaining.” And they’re all now contained within one dedicated section for children.

These “Teacher approved” apps have been rated by actual teachers to ensure they meet Google’s quality standards. Teachers are rating apps on factors including “age-appropriateness, quality of experience, enrichment, and delight.”

As well as a dedicated section packed full of these apps, parents and children alike can find them when they search the Play Store. These apps will be marked out with a “Teacher approved” badge. A selection of apps are also available to Google Play Pass subscribers.

Other Ways to Entertain Bored Children

The new Kids tab is rolling out to Google Play in the US now. Google has said it will be “expanding internationally in the coming months.” The company is also seeking the thoughts of parents willing to click on “Help and feedback” in the settings.

Google isn’t the only company stepping up to help parents and children alike through this crisis. Duolingo has launched an app to help kids to read. And older children can while away the hours listening to the first Harry Potter audiobook for free.

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