Evidence of second generation Google Tensor chipset surfaces, planned for Pixel 7

(Pocket-lint) – Evidence has emerged that Google is already developing and testing the next generation of Tensor chip, which means next year’s Pixel will likely again be powered by a Google-made platform. 

References to the second generation Tensor were found within app code on the Pixel 6 by 9to5Google, along with the code-name ‘Cloudripper’. 

Rather than being the code-name of the processor itself, it’s claimed this is the code-name of the developer board it’s installed on. However, the publication has also seen evidence that a chip with model number ‘GS201’ is connected to this board. 

Given that the chipset in the Pixel 6 is numbered ‘GS101’, it seems very likely that the ‘GS201’ is the 2nd gen Tensor processor.

Since the Pixel 7 launch is a good 12 months away, no other details have been found on the next gen version of Tensor, only that it exists and that means it’ll likely be what powers the phone Google launches this time next year. 

It will come as a shock to no one that Google is already working on a second generation variant of its home-baked Tensor processor. It made a big deal about the fact it now has its own platform during the Pixel 6 launch event, and clearly believes it’s the future of its own brand phones. 

Given the time it takes to design, tweak and optimise components before they then need to be ready for manufacturing and assembly in the final product, we’d be more surprised if the company wan’t already working on the Tensor Gen 2. 

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Writing by Cam Bunton. Originally published on 29 October 2021.

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