Find the right wall charger for your new iPhone 12

iPhone 12 wall charger

Apple has recently announced a shift in the standard operating procedure of all phone manufacturers. They have stopped including a wall charger in the box with new phones. If you want to buy the new iPhone 12, you will need to buy a separate wall charger. We’ve pulled together a list of our favorites for you to peruse.

You have the POWER!

Buying a new wall charger for a new phone seems like a pain, but it allows you to get something tailored to your personal needs. Want to charge at lightspeed? Then the RAVPower 61W USB C Charger is a great choice. It will boost your battery by 50 percent in about half an hour and can even charge your laptop as well.

If you want to charge multiple phones and laptops simultaneously, then grabbing the RAVPower 65W 4-Port Desktop charger is likely a great idea. It can sit at your desk and charge two USB-C and two USB-A devices at the same time. For those who live at our desks, the Anker four-port is the best place to be.

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