Galaxy Note 20’s only unique feature could be the S Pen

According to two usually reliable leakers on Twitter, Samsung is planning to make the next Note series almost identical to the Galaxy S20. 

Over the past few years we’ve seen the Note become more similar to the Galaxy S range with each new generation. In its early days, the Note differentiated itself by not only being much bigger than whatever the current Galaxy S was, but also using different finishes on the back and having that S Pen stylus. 

Now, with it having become an all-glass and metal device, and with S-series phones getting bigger too, the two series’ have become closer in features and design than ever. If recent rumours are to be believed, that gap is closing even more this year. 

These two tweets state that the one discernible difference between the Note 20 and S20 will be the fact that you get the much-loved S Pen with the Note 20. The other difference: slightly less rounded corners. 

That means we’re likely to see the same display tech and specifications, as well as the same camera set up on the back and perhaps even the same batteries, RAM and storage. 

This suggests some of the early rumours surrounding the phone are a little inaccurate. That is – of course – if these snippets of information are themselves accurate. 

Previous suggestions of a hidden under-display selfie camera could turn out to be false, then. 

Samsung usually unveils its Note series in the summer, so we can expect the new range of phones to be announced at some point around August, which means we still have a few months to wait until we found out exactly what Samsung has in store.

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