Galaxy Note 9 Debuts, Packs Powerhouse Specs at a Premium

The Samsung Experience remains, but that’s okay since the user interface has been refined in recent years. Now it’s not a burden to see or interact with. Unfortunately, though, the Galaxy Note 9 runs Android 8.1 Oreo. We pressed Samsung about Android 9.0 Pie arriving later on, and the company skirted around the subject repeatedly.

Samsung’s S Pen returns, and it has a battery in 2018. The stylus doubles as a remote for various apps on the Galaxy Note 9. It can switch photos in the Gallery app or mimic a shutter button in the Camera app. Third-party apps, however, need their developers to take advantage of the SDK to enable support.

Also, the Galaxy Note 9 ships with built-in DeX functionality. You don’t need a DeX Stand or DeX Pad anymore. Through a USB-C-to-HDMI cable, the Galaxy Note 9 can push a desktop UI to almost any monitor. Then the phone will offer you a virtual touchpad and keyboard. So you don’t necessarily have to use a physical mouse and keyboard to be productive on the Galaxy Note 9 and DeX.

Will you appreciate DeX? Maybe, but we doubt it’ll serve as a desktop or laptop replacement. The convergence of phones, tablets, and computers still seems far off.

As for the battery, Samsung talks openly about its rigorous testing. The 4000mAh battery, which towers over its predecessors’ units, was certified by two outside firms for safety. Following the Galaxy Note 7 scandal, the company avoided such large units but finally feels ready to usher them back in. With all that juice, the Galaxy Note 9 should run for up to two days on a single charge.

Samsung also went the distance to ensure the Galaxy Note 9 stays cool. There’s a larger carbon fiber-lined water cooling system inside preventing the temperature from radiating in a tight space. The Galaxy Note 9 shouldn’t get too hot after long periods of demanding use given all the space and materials dissipating any heat.

In all, there’s no doubt Samsung gave its best effort to create an industry-leading product. It has the specs, and the Galaxy Note 9 certainly looks beautiful. You can’t ask for much more than that. Samsung isn’t surprising anyone by rolling out yet another stunning flagship.

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