Geoverse launches CBRS neutral host trial at Orlando’s Caribe Royale Resort

A CBRS-based neutral host offers substantial benefits compared to legacy Distributed Antenna System (DAS)-based approaches, says Geoverse

The Caribe Royale Resort in Orlando is getting a pilot, private Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS)-based neutral-host network provided by Geoverse to enhance connectivity across the expansive hotel, which consists of more than 1,300 suites and 220,000 square feet of meeting and convention space. The network, according to the companies, will not only serve guests and staff, but will also introduce new use cases.

Geoverse explained that a neutral-host solution is “a single wireless network that can support or ‘host’ users from multiple wireless carriers so that any carrier customer can have reliable connectivity and a quality online experience at that venue,” adding that a CBRS-based neutral host offers substantial benefits compared to legacy Distributed Antenna System (DAS)-based approaches.

Today, such solutions are used at large-capacity venues like hotels, sports arenas, commercial office spaces, hospitals, transportation hubs and universities. According to some accounts, a CBRS-based neutral host model allows the cellular industry to go from being exclusively carrier-led to becoming more enterprise-driven

“As a major destination for meetings and leisure travel,” said Chet Patel, director of innovation and technology at the Caribe Royale,“we recognize the overwhelming need to ensure all our visitors can easily and automatically get connected anywhere across the resort, and by deploying this new service platform, we expect this will not only address this need, but also open the door to opportunities around new use cases that help deliver a better guest experience.”

The hotel currently has an in-house Wi-Fi network to provide guest connectivity, as well as an indoor DAS supporting a single carrier for cellular coverage in select areas. Geoverse, as part of the trial, will first provide indoor coverage at the resort’s expansive convention center and will work to augment and complement the existing Wi-Fi footprint. Eventually, the two networks will operate as one hybrid wireless network. 

Chief Commercial Officer at Geoverse Bob Gault claimed, “Harnessing the power of a Private Cellular network will help Caribe Royale drive outcomes and end-user experiences to new levels, and that will allow them to better serve their customers.”

Earlier this year, Geoverse became the managed service partner for Tucson, Arizona’s CBRS network that was deployed across the city to support remote learning and multiple smart city applications initially, followed by additional use cases in subsequent project phases.

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