Get all the blending power you need with these hand-held designs

You’ll whip up classic smoothies, soup, salsa, and more with the help of a streamlined hand blender. Handheld blenders liquify, smooth, and mix with precision to create beautiful mixtures without the large profile of traditional countertop models. Though sleek and compact, these easy blenders pack a serious punch. Some blenders even feature attachments to whisk, whip, and froth. We’ve collected our favorite options so you can break it down.

9-speed essential

Mueller Austria Ultra-Stick 500-watt 9-speed hand blender

Staff Pick

Create nutrient-rich smoothies, creamy soups, and more with the pureeing power of this precise, streamlined blender. It small-but-mighty design powers through solid foods with the help of 8 speed settings and a blending arm. The blending arm is detailed with a sharp s-shaped stainless steel blade. The blending arm can be removed and substituted with the other included attachments, a whisk, and milk frother, for added versatility. You’ll perfect the consistency of your favorite foods with this essential design.

$35 at Amazon

Must-have accessories

KOIOS 800-watt 4-in-one hand immersion blender

More than just a blender, this little machine modifies fruits, veggies, and more to create refreshing smoothies and the creamiest soups (to name only a few delish concoctions). It features an efficient 800-watt motor and 12 speed settings that offer enough oomph to power through the most solid foods. The blender attachment has a food-pulverizing stainless steel blade with a titanium coating for added strength. Along with the blender attachment, this device has a whisk and chopper attachments as well as a convenient mixing beaker.

$50 at Amazon

Sleek and stainless

Cuisinart Smart Stick hand blender

Harness the power of 300 watts with this sleek, stainless steel hand blender, ready to deliver smooth purees, efficient chops, and uniform mixes. This compact device features a precise 8-inch blending shaft and a comfortable easy-grip handle for maximum control. Blending speeds are determined by a slide control that offers low or high speed options. This hand blender is accompanied by a mixing cup as well as a whisk and chopping attachments for additional food-prep opportunities.

$50 at Amazon

Multiple colors

KitchenAid 2-speed hand blender

Whether you’re crafting a frozen drink from your favorite fruit combo or pureeing baby food, this petite blender can transform fresh fruits and veggies into the most delicious consistencies. With two powerful speed settings and a strong stainless steel blade, this device will deliver quick, easy results. The contoured handle with a comfortable grip provides stability and control. This machine also features a 3-cup blending jar with measurement markings for convenient mixing and portioning. Choose from several fun color options.

From $59 at Amazon

Blend, whip, and more

Breville control grip immersion blender

The food prep possibilities are endless with this multi-function hand blender by Breville. With 280 watts of power, it can perform multiple food-altering actions, creating smooth blends, airy whips, and fine chops. You can choose from 15 different speeds to create palette-delighting combinations and consistencies. This model has an ergonomic handle with a simple trigger-style operation. It features a standard 8-inch blending shaft, whisk, and chopping bowl attachments as well as a 42-ounce jug.

$100 at Amazon

Blend in

To compose the best blends, you don’t need a bulky countertop model. You can get the same smooth and satisfying results from a compact hand blender. These streamlined machines shrink down the benefits of a full-size blender to create smoothies, soups, salsa, dips, and more. Aside from blending, some machines have additional attachments like whisks and chopping bowls, enhancing functionality and increasing value. Our staff pick is the Mueller Austria Ultra-Stick 500-watt 9-speed hand blender because it offers eight speed settings and the benefit of additional attachments. This handy machine features a blending arm with a sharp and durable stainless steel blade. The blade easily works through fruit veggies and more to create uniform blends. This model also includes a whisk and milk frother.

Another viable option with additional features is the KOIOS 800-watt 4-in-one hand immersion blender. Powered by an 800-watt motor, this efficient machine is built to churn up the best blends and whips, and even produces easy chops. The power is delivered by a durable titanium-coated stainless steel blade and 12 speed settings. This must-have device also has a whisk and chopper attachment as well as a mixing beaker.

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