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Robotic Toys

Robotic toys deliver up a fun and unique way for kids to play. It’s a combination of imagination, and technology that has the unique ability to get kids playing as they build and learn. There are a variety of awesome robotic toys out on the market, but the best of the best is the Sphero SPRK+. This robot has tons of different abilities, lives in a hard shell and teaches your kids to code as they play.

Sphero SPRK+Sphero SPRK+

Best overall:
Sphero SPRK+

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Trying to learn how to code or program used to be quite frustrating. That’s changed, and now you can use an app on your phone to do it by playing with Sphero SPRK+. This little robot inside a sphere is scratch-resistant, water-resistant, and can teach you how to program whether you’re just getting started, or already a pro. You can run programs from the app, or using your new know-how to build your own instructions telling Sphero what to do.

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Zoob Builder BotZoob Builder Bot

Best value:
Zoob Builder Zoob Bot

Most robots come already assembled, but that isn’t the case with the Zoob Builder Zoob Bot. This beginner robotics set is made to allow kids to construct their own robots, with only their imagination dictating what they can or can’t do. With pieces that snap together, it enables kids to build the robot they’ve always wanted and then watch it zoom around the room. The Zoob Builder Zoob Bot has sixty separate pieces: 49 clip together pieces, one light-up Zoob piece with batteries, two wheels, two wheeled motor assembly, and four tires. It also comes with directions so that your child’s first robotic attempt has some help to get a rolling start.

$20 at Amazon

Code-A-Pillar TwistCode-A-Pillar Twist

Best for toddlers:
Code-A-Pillar twist

Finding fun robot toys for your toddler is a reasonably straightforward process. The Code-a-Pillar Twist stands out by letting them have fun and learn early coding and problem-solving skills at the same time. This toy has five segments and a motorized head with small dials along its back. Kids can turn the dials to tell it which way to go, making for hundreds of possible directions.

$34 at Amazon


Best interactive robot:

Not all robots are silver and gray contraptions that look like people or move around by walking. The Remoking Robot Toy is a little yellow bot that moves around on wheels and responds to both touch and voice commands. It’s not unusually large which makes it a great option if you want a toy that won’t take up too much room, and it has plenty of different functions for your kids to fall in love with. It can sing and dance, which involves it spinning in cute little circles or singing to you. Remoking will also respond to voice commands, and if you use the button on the front of the robot, it can record your voice to parrot phrases back at you. It’s an adorable little friend that kids will love to hang out with, and at a great price point, it won’t break the bank either.

$30 at Amazon

Bottom line

There are plenty of awesome robot toys on the market, and we’ve tried to outline the best of the best here for you. That means everything from building your own bots, and robots intended for toddlers to inventor kits that have you creating and programming your very own Droid. Out of every option, we’ve outlined the best of the lot is the Sphero SPRK+.

This robot comes in a durable hard shell that protects all of its components from shock, water, and accidental collisions, making it hardy enough for kids to play with. Your child will learn about coding as they play, starting with block-based coding and eventually graduating to javascript. With tons of options for play like completing mazes, this robot is built to get kids excited about STEM learning.

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