Get ripped with the best pull up bars around

Pull-ups are a fantastic workout. There is something incredibly satisfying in going from “not strong enough to pull your body weight up” to “I did it once!” Just the feeling of doing one full pull up is pretty great. Pull-ups also work a whole lot muscles in your back, chest, and arms and will help you gain muscle and definition, while you lose some of those excess pounds.

Best Value

Sunny Health & Fitness pull up bar

Staff Pick

If this is your first foray into pull-ups, you may not need to spend a lot of money at first. Use this straightforward pull-up bar from Sunny Health and fitness to see if it’s the right exercise for you. The bar is straightforward to install and can be put up or taken down as needed. It works exceptionally well for such a low-cost item.

$19 at Amazon

A permenant place

Ultimate Body Press Wall Mount Pull Up Bar

If you are lucky enough to have space specifically for your gym, then a more permanent pull up bar may be a better option, especially if you want to keep your doorways clear. This tough pull up bar will screw directly into the joists in your wall and protrude out far enough to perform multiple different exercises.

$55 at Amazon

Let gravity work for you

Iron Age Pull Up Bar Doorway

One of the disadvantages of the doorway bars is that you have to screw the bracket into the door frame for it to be safe. With the smart design of the Iron Age pull up bar, though, you can use it in a doorway without fear of damage. The pull-up bar is designed to use your body weight to lock the pull bar into position. This means that after you are done, you can simply pull it off and store it.

$80 at Amazon

When you don’t have a door

CAP Barbell Power Rack Exercise Stand


If, like me, your gym is relegated to the garage, you may need to have stand-alone equipment; you can move around to make use of the space. This free-standing exercise stands works as a pull-up bar but can also be used with a barbell to help you maximize your space. You can’t have the barbell on the rack while you pull up, but it works incredibly well for both exercises.

$133 at Amazon

Do you even lift?

I have always had trouble with pull-ups, but I still like to do them. Something is soothing about the realization that you are lifting your body weight, where before you couldn’t. The combination of muscle building and weight loss that comes from it feels fantastic, especially when you start doing more of them.

I like the Iron Age Pull Up Bar Doorway because it’s so easy to use; you simply hook it on the door frame, and you are good to go. You can get straight into the exercise and pack it away quickly once you are finished.

If you are more into free-standing equipment, then the CAP Barbell Power Rack is a great choice that lets you use it for more than one exercise, maximizing your space and time.

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