Google Assistant’s Ambient Mode comes to OnePlus phones

OnePlus has announced that Google Assistant’s Ambient Mode is being rolled out to its smartphones. 

It’s compatible with any OnePlus phone from OnePlus 3 and later: essentially every device from the past four years. 

For those familiar, this Ambient Mode is very similar to the Google Assistant mode you get when you place a Pixel phone on the Pixel Stand; essentially turning your phone into a smart assistant screen. Like mini version of the Nest Hub. 

When activated it can be used to show you a slideshow of photos from a Google Photos album, or just show you cards with relevant information for the day like weather, traffic and calendar appointments. 

Of course you can also use this Ambient Mode to control any smarthome device like lights, thermostats or music players. 

According to OnePlus, setting it up is easy. Just plug a charger into your OnePlus phone and you should see notification asking if you want to set it up. 

You can also set it up manually by going into the Google app, tapping More > Settings > Google Assistant > Assistant tab then scrolling down to your phone beneath the ‘Devices’ section. 

Now, under ‘Personalisation’ you should see an Ambient Mode option that you can toggle to switch on. 

Saying that, we’ve tried it on both our OnePlus 7T and 7T Pro units so far, and currently the features isn’t showing up as an option, so there’s a chance this isn’t an immediate rollout for all devices at once. 


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