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Google Docs, Search and Translate are pushing Edge users to switch to Chrome

Microsoft's new and improved Edge browser seems to be giving Google some cause for concern, and the company is now using its hugely popular online services to nudge recently converted Edge users back towards Chrome.

Last week, it emerged that Google was attempting to scare Edge users into switching browsers when they visited the Chrome Web Store to grab some extensions. Chrome and Edge use the same Chromium engine, so plug-ins built for one will work in both. However, users visiting the Chrome Web Store using Edge are now shown a warning message stating "Google recommends switching to Chrome to use extensions securely."

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As TechDows and MicrosoftPoweruser report, Google is now becoming even more pushy, presenting Edge users with pop-up alerts when they visit various services, including Docs, Translate, Search and Drive.

Feeling tempted?

These notifications attempt to win you over, reminding you that Chrome is fast and secure, can "hide annoying ads", has Google Translate built-in, and allows you to use Google Docs offline. They don't appear if you're using Opera, which is also Chromium-based, but has relatively few users.

They don't do any harm, apart from being potentially irritating, and might even serve to push users who have deliberately chosen to eschew Chrome to try Microsoft's equivalent services, such as Office Online and even Bing. You never know.

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