Google has killed the Pixel 3a: Does that mean Pixel 4a will arrive soon?

If you’ve ever wanted to buy a Pixel 3a or Pixel 3a XL, you’d better do it fast, because Google has decided to stop making it. 

The Mountain View company told Android Police it is discontinuing its mid-range smartphones, and then it told The Verge that the Google Store has “sold through its inventory” of the Pixel 3a. It said it’s completed sales, and that the phone would only be available from some partners “while supplies last”. Go look up the Pixel 3a on the Google Store, and you’ll see it is listed as out of stock.

It is on Amazon, for now, however.


In our review of the Pixel 3a, we noted Google opted to build a more affordable version of its pure Android smartphones, and even used some smart artificial intelligence to ensure the camera and performance is pretty much the same as the pricier models. The one lasting impression, however, is that this is a smartphone made with cheaper materials and has less powerful internals.

That said, if what you want is that pure Pixel experience and access to its ace camera setup for less money, then the Pixel 3a is a deal. With its discontinuation, the only other phone Google sells is the Pixel 4, released last October. The Pixel 4a should be arriving soon, though. It was expected to arrive in the spring, but the coronavirus pandemic likely forced Google to delay its launch.

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