Google is making its most secure Android accounts even safer

Google has announced that it is expanding the scope of its Advanced Protection Program that offers enhanced security measures keeping accounts safe from attack.

Play Protect is Google’s own malware protection system that it says scans over 100 billion apps both on and outside the Play Store every day. It also continuously scans all the apps installed on your device for any abnormal behavior or activity.

The program offers extra security by blocking rogue attempts to access accounts, limiting data access and more. It also supports the use of physical security keys and now will have Google Play Protect enabled automatically without any option to turn it off.

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Malware protection

Going forward, the Advanced Protection Program will limit the user’s capability of installing third-party apps outside the Play Store, hopefully helping to secure your devices from additional threats. 

It will, however, allow users to download apps from third-party app stores that ship with the device or through a specific developer tool that Google provides. Third-party apps that are already installed on the device can function as it is.

Third-party apps pose a high risk since they are not scanned for malware and can be used to steal data or remotely hack the device.

Google’s Advanced Protection Program was introduced in 2017 to offer an added level of security to the high-profile users like politicians, journalists, activists, business leaders and others. Its primary aim is to offer protection against phishing attempts and controlling the impact of malicious apps.

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Via: TechCrunch

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