Google Pixel 4a colour options and European pricing leaked

We still don’t know when Google will unveil its Pixel 4a smartphone, but thanks to a French retailer we do have an idea of how much it’ll cost in Europe, plus a couple of the colour options that will be available.

Ordimedia has the handset listed in “Just Black” and “Blue” – although the latter will likely have a “wacky” name by launch, as is Google’s way. It’s used “Really Blue” in the past.

The retail site also lists the price both colour variations as €509.56 including VAT. That initially seems steep considering the previous price leak (in March 2020) claimed that it will be $399 in the US.

However, the US price will be without state tax and, if you consider that the VAT rate in France is 20 per cent, that puts it closer to €400. That’s much more convincing.

The way these things turn out, that could also mean it will be between £350 to £400 in the UK.

Now, considering we pretty much know all the specs too, all we need is the launch date. With no Google I/O this year – for obvious reasons – the company is being more tight-lipped about its plans.

The French retailer suggests a 7 July “delivery”, but we’ve heard a 13 July launch from other sources.

We’ll no doubt find out soon enough, as both are pretty close now.

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