Google Pixel Fold could be similar to Oppo Find N

(Pocket-lint) – Google’s possible Pixel Fold is one of the smartphones generating the most rumours at the moment, with nearly constant speculation going around about when and how Google is going to enter the foldable market.

Now, a canny bit of snooping from the team at 9to5Google has found evidence in the latest Beta version of Android that the phone might have a design and screen shape that’s reminiscent of the excellent (if somewhat rare) Oppo Find N, recently released itself.

That phone has a squatter shape than the other major foldable out there, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3, which is noticeably slim and tall when it’s closed. Many people have noted that Oppo’s smaller, shorter design makes the single screen a bit more traditionally useful.

Now, 9to5Google has found some new animations in Android around inserting a SIM card into a folding phone that looks like it could either be a generic placeholder or Google’s next big phone depending on your attitude.

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The animations clearly show a phone that’s closer to the Oppo version of a foldable design than Samsung’s, which we’re pleased to see. There isn’t much more to go on from these, other than that the phone looks to have volume buttons and a SIM card tray, but if that screen ratio isn’t a coincidence it could be significant for people’s expectations on the phone’s design.

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.

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