Google Pixel phones and Watch just got even better with free added features

(Pocket-lint) – Google has today rolled out a slew of new features for Pixel phones and the Pixel Watch including free VPN access, sleep tracking, and more and most of them are free.

Google often adds new features to its devices via software updates and this latest round of releases includes improvements across all of Google’s latest Pixel devices, including the Pixel Watch.

Starting with the watch, Google has brought Fitbit Sleep Profile to Pixel Watch. The company says that people will be able to learn more about their sleep thanks to the way the Fitbit Premium feature looks at 10 different aspects including duration, disruption, and more. Once the calculations are done your sleep patterns will be depicted as one of six sleep animals. Users need to wear their Pixel Watch at least 14 nights per month to ensure that they get a special report on the first day of each month, too.


Over on the Pixel phones, the recently released Pixel 7 and 7 Pro now include VPN by Google One at no extra cost, which is always good. The VPN can be used to make sure your data stays safe when using public Wi-Fi systems at coffee shops and airports, for example.

Other security improvements include a new, unified Security & Privacy settings section that puts “security and privacy settings, risk levels, and other information all in one place”, making it easier to keep everything up to date and ensure your data remains secure.

But wait, there’s more. Clear Calling for Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro enhances your caller’s voice and reduces their background noise for those times when hearing what they’re saying is more difficult than it should be. The Pixel Recorder app will also now transcribe what’s being said and labels each speaker as it goes, too.

Wrapping things up, Google has also added new ways to customise both the Pixel phones and the Pixel Watch including new wallpapers and more.

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There’s plenty going on with these changes and you can learn more about what Google has shared today in a dedicated blog post, too. There’s more to be had if you dig deep enough, including support for digital car keys and improvements to Live Translate.

Writing by Oliver Haslam.

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