Google Stadia Now Works on Almost All Android Phones


Google is opening Stadia up to more phones. So much so that Google Stadia should now work on almost any Android phone. While an 8-year-old phone running KitKat won’t be capable of running Stadia, a 5-year-old phone running Marshmallow may well be.

Google Stadia is only officially supported on a select number of handsets. And while the number is growing, there are more phones not supported than supported. However, thanks to an experimental feature, Google Stadia should now work on a lot more phones.

How to Use Google Stadia on Any Android Phone

To use Google Stadia, first check whether your phone is on the list of supported handsets. If so, happy days. You can download the app and start playing immediately. If not, there’s still a chance. Just head to Google Play and download the Google Stadia app.

If your device is old and incompatible, you’re out of luck. However, if you can download and install the Google Stadia app, you’ll be able to stream games on Google Stadia. Just sign into the app, open the Settings, tap Experiments, then select “Play on this device”.

Google Stadia should then work on your device, even if it’s several years old. Almost any phone running Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) or later should be compatible. However, cloud gaming still requires a fast and reliable internet connection to function correctly.

Try Google Stadia to See If You Like It

This feature is still very much in development to the point that Google has labelled it as an experiment. Which means there is no guarantee Stadia will function perfectly on your particular handset. Still, there’s no harm in trying it out, right?

For more on Google Stadia, here’s how to use different controllers with Google Stadia, and the best Google Stadia games to play today. Having said all of that, Google Stadia is far from perfect, so it’s worth reading our review of Google Stadia first.

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