Google tests option to play cloud games from search results

Much of the cloud gaming’s growth can be attributed to advanced connectivity technologies, particularly 5G

Google appears to be quietly testing the ability for those using its search engine to play cloud games right from their search results. While not yet available for everyone, some lucky users have claimed that when they search for a streaming game, they have an option to click “play” and instantly start the game.

News outlet The Verge identified Bryant Chappel as the one who first informed the world of this latest development. Chappel posted a series of tweets about the new feature, one of which said, “Search for game. Find game. Play game instantly via Cloud Gaming. Welcome to the future!!!!”

By running a game on a nearby server and streaming it to the player, cloud gaming frees the player from the confines of relying on a computer or console with powerful, expensive graphics and hardware to play a game. Much of the market’s growth can be attributed to advanced connectivity technologies, particularly 5G, which offers the required low latency and high-speed connectivity, as well as the ability to handle the high data demands expected from gaming platform subscribers.

While Google has not yet commented on the testing of this new feature, the company already does something similar with movies and TV shows. If you search for a show that is available on a streaming platform like Netflix, the option to launch the searched content is presented alongside the traditional list of results.

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