Help that newborn sleep with the perfect bassinet

baby bassinets

Expecting a tiny new arrival? Be ready for sleepless nights! Unless, of course, you have the perfect bassinet to keep that newborn sleeping soundly. The best bassinets come with a variety of soothing sounds and movements to help fussy babies fall to sleep. Here are the top picks, according to many satisfied parents.

In Summary

As you can see, a bassinet sleeper may seem like a simple buy; there are actually tons of options and functionalities to choose from! No matter what your parenting style or budget, there’s a bassinet on this list to suit your needs. Our favorite is the Fisher-Price Soothing Motions Bassinet because it has all the motions and sounds to soothe baby, along with a fun light projector and mobile to entertain them as well.

The Mika Micky bedside bassinet is our choice for co sleepers. It gives both mom and baby their own, safe space while also keeping each other at arm’s length. It attaches directly to your bed and can be used all on its own when you need a little more distance between you and your little one.

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