Honor unveils the Magic 4 Ultimate, featuring its best camera system yet

(Pocket-lint) – Honor has announced its latest phone, the Magic 4 Ultimate, which will join the rest of the Magic 4 family that was announced back at MWC.

With this latest addition, the focus is firmly on the camera platform and Honor claims it’s the most powerful and versatile camera system it has produced to date.

The array is comprised of a 50MP wide camera, 64MP Periscope telephoto camera, 50MP spectrum enhanced camera and a 64MP ultra-wide with the world’s first dual free-form lens.

We aren’t entirely sure what a dual free-form lens is, but Honor says it “gets to the root of the wide-angle image distortion problem with an industry-low 0.5 per cent edge distortion.”

It’s not all just hype, either, the Magic 4 Ultimate has debuted at the top of DxOMark’s smartphone camera rankings. That places it above heavy-hitters like the Apple iPhone 13 Pro and Google Pixel 6, impressive stuff.

All of the fancy new cameras are supported by a brand new custom image processor which will allow for faster and more efficient AI computation. Honor is using this tech to implement features like 4K Night Mode video capture with real-time preview.

In addition, it has developed a new professional-grade video codec, Magic-Log2. This codec is designed specifically for the new camera modules and will enable the capture of a fifteen per cent higher dynamic range in video footage as well as supporting 3D LUTs for colour grading.

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There’s no mention of the 100W wireless charging, which is the killer feature of the Magic 4 Pro, so it seems safe to assume that it won’t be present on the Ultimate.

The Magic 4 Ultimate will go on sale in China later this year at a price of 7,999 Chinese Yuan or roughly $1,260.

As to when we can get our hands on it, if the Magic 3 series is anything to go by, we’ve got a long wait ahead of us.

Writing by Luke Baker.

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