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Gift Cards

If the hot item on your loved one’s wishlist isn’t in stock, give them a gift card to buy it when it is. Gift cards are the best gift and many people love getting them because it lets them buy that item they really want or need. A gift card is also versatile because it can be used throughout the year and not just at the moment it’s given. Here are several of the best and most popular gift cards. Some gift cards can be sent directly to the recipient in an email or text to cut down on postage costs. But there are physical card options too.

Amazon Gift CardAmazon Gift Card

Best overall:
Amazon Gift Card

Staff Pick

The Amazon gift card is by far the most popular of them all. You can choose to send any amount between $1 and $2,000 and let your loved one choose to use it on anything they want. It’s easy for recipients to add electronic and physical gift cards to their existing Amazon accounts and, because Amazon gift cards don’t expire, they can be saved for larger purchases, or used in smaller increments throughout the year. The cards can be sent via email or text message with a personalized message.

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Visa Gift CardVisa Gift Card

Best physical gift card:
$200 Visa Gift Card

This is a physical gift card that you can slip into a greeting card and send to your loved one no matter where they live. Because it is a Visa card, it can be used anywhere that accepts Visa credit cards, and it is used like one, too. It can be used to buy airfare, or place holds for rental cars and hotel rooms. It’s great for buying groceries or paying tuition online. It can even be used to pay bills. Purchases and balances can be tracked through an online account, and more money can be added through the online account at any time.

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Nintendo eShop Gift CardNintendo eShop Gift Card

Best for Nintendo players:
Nintendo eShop Gift Card

Since the Nintendo Switch is one of the hottest gaming systems right now, chances are kids and adults alike on your shopping list have one. That makes the Nintendo eShop gift card a hot commodity. This lets Switch users connect to other users online for multi-player gaming, purchase the most popular games or purchase expansion packs for existing games that give you more items and characters to play with.

$35 at Amazon

Netflix Gift CardNetflix Gift Card

Best for families:
Netflix Gift Card

Netflix has some of the hottest shows and movies, so a Netflix gift card is a great gift for families. It can be used for any of its streaming service packages, or to order physical DVDs of movies and shows that are only available to physically rent. You can add between $25 and $200, enough to this ecard to help a family get started with a brand new subscription, or to pay for a full year. The Netflix gift card can be added directly to the user account and will be available when needed.

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Starbucks Gift CardStarbucks Gift Card

Best for coffee lovers:
Starbucks Gift Card

Coffee lovers will remember your gift each morning as they drive through for their daily pick-me-up. This is a physical card for $25 that can be sent to you or directly to your loved one. This also means every item on the Starbucks menu is up for grabs and can be paid for with this gift card. Even online orders can be purchased with this card then picked up later to avoid long wait lines.

$25 at Amazon

Apple Gift CardApple Gift Card

Best for Apple users:
Apple Gift Card

What’s great about this gift card is your Apple loving friends and family can use it anywhere that Apple sells its products from iTunes to the App Store and from Apple’s online stores. Recipients are locked into a few accessories or products. The Apple gift card can be used towards the purchase of a new MacBook, iPhone, or Apple Watch. This gift card is emailed directly to your friend or family member’s inbox with a personalized message from you and with an amount between $25 and $200.

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Uber Gift CardUber Gift Card

Best for students:
Uber Gift Card

For a lot of students, it isn’t possible to bring a car along to college, and for those who do, especially on large campuses, it isn’t practical to drive everywhere. The Uber gift card is great for students who need to get to the store, a sporting event, go on a date, or who need a safe way to get home after a party. The Uber gift card can be added to existing accounts and doesn’t need to be used all at once, so it’s possible for students to get several rides out of a single gift.

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Twitch Gift CardTwitch Gift Card

Best for teens:
Twitch Gift Card

Twitch is kind of like a live streaming YouTube service that is popular among teens, especially gamers. While it is free to have an account – for both artists and watchers – it’s popular for watchers to donate money to their favorite gamers. This supports the gamer plus gets the teen a shout out during a live stream from their favorite streamers. A Twitch gift card with an amount between $25 and $100 gives your teen the chance to pass it on, and if they are an aspiring Twitch streamer, having a fellow streamer give a shout out can boost their own visibility and following.

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Sephora Gift CardSephora Gift Card

Best for women:
Sephora Gift Card

For the women on your gift shopping list, a gift card between $25 and $200 from Sephora is a great option. Sephora offers a large selection of make-up, fragrances, lotions, hair care, nail polishes, and just about every beauty tool. It has chemical-free and vegan options, all-natural and unique gifts. This Sephora gift card is sent via email and can be used multiple times rather than all at once.

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Foot Locker Gift CardFoot Locker Gift Card

Best for sports lovers:
Foot Locker Gift Card

Foot Locker doesn’t just sell shoes – although their selection of athletic shoes is pretty amazing, Foot Locker also has sportswear including hoodies, leggings, sweatpants and outerwear. A Foot Locker gift card will give your loved one the chance to pick up everything they need to be dressed for hiking, biking, camping or exercising indoors or outdoors. Brands include Nike, Adidas and Tommy Hilfiger. This card can be bought for any amount between $25 and $200, and used at Kids Foot Locker and Lady Foot Locker, too.

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Spotify Gift CardSpotify Gift Card

Best for music lovers:
Spotify Gift Card

Adults and teens alike are hooked on Spotify, a popular music app that can stream through most Wi-Fi enabled devices, including the Amazon Echo. Spotify has a large selection of music and fun features including shuffle, however its free accounts include ads throughout your play list. A Spotify gift card gives the gift of ad-free music streaming or a few months. This is a great gift idea for music lovers who don’t have a Spotify account, yet. But those that do have an account love the perk of continuing their subscription for free.

$60 at Amazon

Whole Foods Gift CardWhole Foods Gift Card

Best for groceries:
Whole Foods Market Gift Card

Families, college students, or first-time homebuyers could all benefit from free groceries. The Whole Foods Market gift card is a great gift that lets loved ones fill their pantries with necessities and their freezer with quick, convenient meals. The Whole Foods Market gift cards are sent through email and can be used online for pickup or grocery delivery orders. The entire amount, from $25 to $200, doesn’t have to be used all at once making it easier to buy groceries and other household goods throughout the year.

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Give all year

Gift cards are a great gifts for any occasion including graduations, birthdays and weddings. They can be used all year long and give a recipient some wiggle room to buy what they really want. The best is the Amazon gift card. It can be used to purchase literally anything that is sold on Amazon including the latest electronics, smartphones and toys. Expecting parents can decorate a nursery and teachers can purchase supplies. It is a very versatile gift, and this gift card is sent via email or text, so it’s easy for current Amazon account holders to add the gift amount to their account. There is a physical Amazon gift card option, too, although you do need to add a higher minimum to it unlike the ecard that starts lower.

Another great gift card option is the one from Starbucks. This gift card can be used to grab a quick cup of coffee in the morning, or a sweet treat and a drink later on. It can be used for online order, in store, or in the drive thru.

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