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How Spotify works with Samsung devices: New partnership and benefits explained

During its Unpacked press event where it unveiled the Galaxy Note 9 smartphone, Samsung also announced a new partnership with music streaming service Spotify.

Spotify will be fully integrated with the new flagship phone, but there is more to the alliance.

Several key features were discussed on stage at the event but it was too brief to get a full idea of what to expect. We asked Spotify a few questions, therefore, to understand more clearly what Samsung device and home kit owners will get from the partnership and whether it will benefit users without Spotify Premium too.

As Samsung’s new “go-to music provider”, Spotify setup will be hardbaked into the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and other Samsung devices going forward. That means, during the setup of your phone, you will be asked for your Spotify login details and the music streaming experience will therefore be completely set-up without you having to download an app manually.

In addition, the Spotify experience will be “integrated with Samsung Music and deeply connected with Bixby”.

One of the highlight features, as demonstrated during Unpacked, is the ability to have music automatically switch from a Samsung smartphone to another compatible device in the home as soon as you enter WiFi range. This is thanks to Samsung SmartThings support.

For example, if you are playing a track on your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and walk into a room with a compatible Samsung smart TV, the TV can instantly continue to play the track. And if you then walk into a kitchen in which you have the new Samsung Galaxy Home smart speaker, that can then continue the track instead.

On other phones, such as an iPhone, you have to switch output devices manually from the Spotify app.

Other benefits to the partnership will be revealed in time: “Moving forward, both Samsung and Spotify will work together long-term to make the out-of-the-box experience even more frictionless and easy,” we were told.

You will be able to use the automatic switching and setup services on Samsung devices even if you don’t have a Spotify Premium account: “Spotify users on both Free or Premium will have access to the Samsung multi-device integration across mobile, speakers and TV. Free is ad-supported, and Premium is ad-free.”

This could definitely be on the cards in the future – after all, there are many devices from many manufacturers that support Spotify Connect: “Spotify continues to partner with other smartphone/in-home device makers and is currently integrated with over 300 products across 80 hardware brands including a number of in-home devices and cars,” we were told.

As Spotify explained further, it is always looking to work with all partners to better the ease of use of its service across the board: “With deeper partnerships comes the ability to integrate deeper to create a more frictionless user experience,” it said. “One example of this is the new ability for users to move playback to a number of hardware devices from the mobile lock screen as opposed to having to go back in the Spotify app.”

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