How to rearrange or delete apps on your iPhone home screen

Want to rearrange the icons on your iPhone home screen? It’s not a hard process, but can differ depending on what iPhone you have. 

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How to delete apps on your iPhone or iPod touch

Rearranging an app or deleting an app from your iPhone home screen simply requires a long press on the respective app.

This results in all the apps on your home screen wobbling (Apple says they “jiggle”), with an ‘x’ appearing in the top right corner of those you can delete, enabling you to uninstall them. 

When you long press, you’ll probably see a menu appear. Keep pressing! And then the ‘x’ will appear. (If you have the menu up, you can also press Edit Home Screen as well).

Moving iPhone apps around the screen

When they are jiggling, you can also drag apps around the screen, to another screen, or to the dock at the bottom of the screen which can house up to four of your most-used apps. 

Just hold any app and drag it to where you want. To move it to another screen, drag it to the edge of the current screen and then after a short delay it’ll move onto the second screen. You can see how many screens you have by the number of dots above the dock at the bottom of the screen. 

Creating a folder of iPhone apps

To create a folder, drag one app on top of another. You can have lots of apps in each folder. To rename it, tap the name at the top of the folder. To delete a folder, drag all the apps out of it. 

Reset your iPhone home screen

Go to Settings > General > Reset > Home screen layout to take things back to basics. Your iPhone’s default apps will appear on the first screen, with other apps in alphabetical order after that. 

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