How to use gesture controls on the Motorola Razr

(Pocket-lint) – Motorola has been noticeably improving the hardware on its Razr flip phone over the last few years, with each new version taking pretty major strides forward.

The folding screen is still a heck of a novelty and makes for a really unique user experience. However, there are some features you might not know about, including the option for gesture controls.

You can open apps, turn on the torch and more – just so long as you know where to find the settings. Here are some steps to follow.

How to use gesture controls on the Motorola Razr

It’s quite easy to turn these features on, as you’ll see below.

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  1. First, open the Moto app that comes installed on the phone
  2. Next, scroll down until you find the Gestures card, and tap into it
  3. Choose the gestures you’d like to use and turn them on individually using the toggles

That’s it – follow these steps and you can customise your gestures exactly as you’d like.

You’ll also find the gesture controls in the main Settings app, by the by – under System and then Gestures. If you don’t have the Moto app, that’ll be where you should head.

How to turn gestures off on the Motorola Razr

Of course, you might find that the gestures aren’t quite to your liking, or that you want to switch them off for another reason.

Unsurprisingly, you can just follow the exact same steps again, except simply toggle all the gestures off – that’ll make sure they’re not active.

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.

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