HTC Desire 20 Pro schematic leak reveals hole-punch display and quad camera

Recently, a rumour surfaced claiming HTC isn’t done with phones yet, and that the company is planning another new device called the Desire 20 Pro. Schematics have now leaked showing what the phone will look like. 

The basic image shows a phone with what appears to be a completely flat display that pushes close up to the edges and a hole-punch cutout for a front facing camera. 

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On the back, there’s a long pill-shaped camera protrusion for the camera system in the top left corner. It seems to contain four individual cameras, with one looking much smaller than the other three. 

If we had to guess, we’d predict that smaller camera is a secondary depth or macro sensor, but we have very little information to go on here. 

With this being a mid range device, it’s no surprise to see a physical fingerprint sensor on the back. 

It’s expected that – when it launches – the Desire 20 Pro will come with a mid-range Qualcomm Snapdragon processor (probably the 660/665) paired with 6GB RAM. 

The latest schematic leak comes from usually reliable leaker, Evan Blass on Twitter (via GSMArena).

One thing we are dubious of is the depiction of the ultra skinny even bezels all the way around the display. 

No manufacturer in the Android market has yet managed to make display bezels that skinny, at least not evenly on all four sides of the screen. Most have a slightly thicker bottom bezel/chin or curve at the edges to reduce the visual impact of the frame. 

To see these super skinny bezels on a flat screen, in a mid-range device, would be very surprising. 

Still, HTC hasn’t announced anything officially yet, so we’re yet to see how much of this is real and what is just crude representation. 

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