HTC working on another new phone? Desire 20 Pro rumoured

HTC’s not quite done with making phones yet it seems. A fresh rumour suggests we can expect to see at least one more phone called the Desire 20 Pro.

According to a renowned HTC leaker @LlabTooFeR on Twitter, the manufacturer is working on this new device, and it’ll look like something of a cross between the OnePlus 8 and Xiaomi Mi10. 

Given the details, we suspect that means a phone with an expansive display on the front, with curved edges and a hole-punch camera. Then on the back, a pill-shaped camera system tucked into the left corner. 

This news comes after a previous rumour suggesting HTC would be entering the world of 5G handsets at some point this year. 

HTC, of course, was one of the key players in the world of smartphones back in the early years of Android. Some of Android’s earliest phones of importance were made by the company, either as a third party for Google, or with its own brand name stamped on the back. 

It quite famously then struggled to deal with competition as the market became saturated with other more desireable options, particularly as powerful but affordable phones became the norm. 

After a few years of attempting to compete, HTC eventually sold a big chunk of its phone-making arm to Google, but surprised many when it continued to launch phones, albeit without the same regularity. 

It has built a couple of Exodus branded blockchain phones, while also continuing to sporadically launch affordable phones in its Desire series and U series.  

Given the infrequency of launches and stand-out devices this past couple of years, it certainly seems like HTC’s phone business is limping forwards very slowly. Perhaps just delaying its seemingly inevitable shutdown. 

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