Huawei Mate 50 phones will have variable aperture

(Pocket-lint) – Huawei has got one over on any potential leaks by confirming one major new feature coming to its Mate 50 series of phones, ahead of unveiling the handset on 6 September.

The phones will launch with variable apertures on their cameras, according to a new drip of information from Huawei, accompanied by a short teaser video.

We’d guess this will only apply to the main camera on each phone, as having multiple variable lenses would be somewhat impractical and potentially challenging, but having even one is fairly exciting for mobile photographers.

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According to GMSArena, the rumour mill has been pointing at a variable aperture that can move from f/1.4 and f/4, so users could be in for a lot of control over their depth of field, as well as the shutter speed for their photos.

That could make for interesting low-light photography without needing to rely on post-processing like the Night Mode options that are now coming as standard on high-end phones.

The teaser video above is also noticeably titled “Teaser #1”, so you can bank on at least one more video being uploaded by Huawei before the complete launch. These drip-fed phone launches do seem to be the new normal, outside of Apple’s secretive reveals.

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.

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