iPad 10th Gen Breaks in Half in Youtuber’s Bend Test (Video)

If you haven’t heard of JerryRigEverything, I recommend you check out his YouTube channel. He makes some of the most catchy tech videos and he’s an awesome character, doing resilience tests for a variety of gadgets. And now it’s the turn of the new iPad 10th gen.

The entry level iPad of 2022 is priced at $449 for the 64 GB WiFi unit. It also has a Magic Keyboard Folio, with kickstand and trackpad. Its Lightning connector has been replaced by an USB-C. There’s also a 12 MP ultrawide camera, with Smart HDR 3 ability at the front, plus 12 MP main camera with 4K capture.

[embedded content]

There CPU is the Apple A14 Bionic. Jerry did the usual tests, including a scratch one, that had the device scratching at level 6 on the Mohr scale, typical for a modern device with some sort of glass protection. The buttons are metal, except for the top one, which also doubles as a fingerprint scanner. There’s also a flame test for the 10.9 inch screen.

The LCD screen goes black and then recovers. The bend test is the cherry on top here, but sadly… the device bends and snaps in two very fast, without a huge amount of force applied. It’s actually pretty easy to bend, sadly. And $440 is definitely not cheap. Too slim for its own good?

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