Juniper Secure Edge brings SRX Firewall-as-a-Service to SASE

Juniper promises single-policy security in the cloud and on premises

Juniper Networks has announced Juniper Secure Edge, a cloud-native security service is part of Juniper’s expanding Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) portfolio, managed using Juniper’s Security Director Cloud — its SASE portal. 

“With the rise of distributed workforces, organizations are experiencing a paradigm shift in the way the network edge is secured, paving the path to brand-new, cloud-based architectures at accelerated rates. Extending security to every point of connection is crucial as these new architectures emerge and the transition begins,” said Juniper.

Juniper Secure Edge sports application control, intrusion prevention system (IPS), anti-malware, web proxy and filtering, and advanced threat protection. The software uses the same policy framework as Juniper’s SRX-series firewall hardware — an easier cloud transition for IT, said Juniper.

“Organizations can transition to a SASE architecture at their pace without forcing administrators to toggle between separate management platforms for on-premises and cloud-delivered security,” said Juniper.

The company also emphasized the single-stack architecture.

“When we say single stack, we mean that customers now have one solution to manage both user access and network access, and ensure that traffic is legitimate and protected from threats,” explained Samantha Madrid, Juniper Networks VP of Product Management, Security Business & Strategy.

The new solution enables organizations to deploy effective threat protection for employees without breaking visibility, she said.

“Juniper is enabling its customers to seamlessly secure remote workforces with consistent security policies that follow users wherever they go, all while leveraging existing investments as they transition to a cloud-delivered architecture,” said Madrid.

“Secure Edge allows organizations to leverage existing investments and seamlessly transition to a full SASE architecture at a chosen pace and provides a simpler operational experience. Juniper customers can use the physical, virtual, containerized – and now cloud-delivered — SRX firewall, completely managed by Security Director Cloud with a single-policy framework, allowing for full visibility and consistent security across both the edge and the data center from one UI,” said Juniper. 

In October Juniper, Intel and Rakuten Symphony announced the development of Symware, a carrier-grade Open RAN solution. Symware is a multipurpose edge appliance which combines containerized cell site routing functionality and a Distributed Unit, on a single general purpose server platform. It uses Altiostar, Intel Xeon D Processors and FlexRAN, and is planned to be released in the first calendar quarter of 2022.

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