Kagan: Frontier AnyWare lets you manage your company from the cloud

Frontier Business is expanding their AnyWare business service offering. They let users manage their company’s usage through the Frontier Cloud. This service is growing into a fully integrated set of services that is easy to manage for any business over the cloud. Let’s take a look at their recent advancements for the business marketplace.

The cloud is a rapidly growing area, and Frontier is making a name for themselves in this space by being a guide through this new jungle. As the cloud continues to grow and expand, reaching more business and deeper into each, year after year, it also gets more complex and confusing.

Especially for the small and mid-size business market who typically don’t have the same kind of advanced talent managing their communications services.

I think that’s one of the reasons Frontier Business is taking this path. They are trying to make the complex, understandable and easy to use for business of all sizes.

“Today, our customers want to migrate their voice and collaboration needs to the Cloud,” said Ken Arndt, Executive Vice President of Commercial Sales for Frontier. “Frontier AnyWare lets customers manage their business with a flexible, scalable, mobile, and affordable collaboration solution powered by Frontier’s Cloud. With Frontier AnyWare’s mobile app, businesses can focus on their customers without managing a complex communications infrastructure.”

Frontier AnyWare on Frontier Cloud is UCaaS for business market

AnyWare is UCaaS. A cloud based Unified Communications as a Service. It’s designed for the small and mid-size business and the enterprise level market. I have written many times about this new space and how important it is going forward. Every company, from small to large will be moving deeper into the cloud over the next decade.

The good news for business users is cost and management. UCaaS can shift the cost of doing business to the provider of this service, and away from the individual companies or customers. This is what many companies love.

The continual upgrading and updating is handled seamlessly, behind the scenes. What the customer gets is continued and updated service without all the hassle of doing it themselves.

That way the customer is always updated and never in an outdated position. And as the technology continues to mature and expand, that part of the equation is getting more complicated than ever. That’s why a growing number of companies, small and large all see value in doing business with a UCaaS service provider.

The Frontier AnyWare UCaaS solution is built on their redundant data centers for high availability. It’s powered by their low-latency data network which is focused on business continuity and deployment flexibility.

Frontier AnyWare is mobile-centric on iOS, Android, PC and Mac

This platform lets companies become mobile-centric. It provides flexibility to operate across iOS, Android, PC and Mac applications. It also is designed with a variety of monthly subscription rates that can fit into any business case.

As businesses continue to move into cloud-based communications, they are looking for ease of management, always-on service, reliability, low cost and one more important factor. They are looking for a guide through the confusing and complex UCaaS jungle.

Every provider has different strengths and weaknesses. Some require a higher level of learning and sophistication from their customers. Frontier AnyWare and the Frontier Cloud position themselves as a guide through that jungle for the business that knows they need to move into this space, but who are not yet experts themselves.

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