Kagan: Metaverse is like the Wild Wild West—full of opportunity and risk

These are the early days when we should start to pay attention to the Metaverse. The good news is this is a real opportunity. The bad news, it is full of risks, and it will take years to develop before users get value. However, now is the time to get your toes wet and learn. The Metaverse is in it’s very early and fertile stages and that’s great news for investors, executives and workers.

Now is the time these people are starting to make their move. The Metaverse is a huge growth opportunity if you invest in or work for the right companies. However, early stages like this are also a huge risk.

That’s why I call the Metaverse the Wild, Wild, West.

Some Metaverse companies and sectors will explode with growth in the early stages. Others will come in later stages. A few fortunate companies will win today and going forward.

However, it’s important to understand that only a very few companies will be in the Metaverse leadership position long-term.

This is very similar to the Internet when it first entered our commercial world in the 1990’s. The early Internet was dial up and very limited. Over the next thirty years it continued to grow and is much different today than it was back then.

Think of Metaverse like the internet in the 1990s

I called the Internet the Wild, Wild, West back then, and it was. Today, I see the same kind of growth potential if things work out.

Actually, the Metaverse could be thought of as one of the children of the Internet. Imagine that.

While the general opportunity and market size could be smaller, but it still could be huge. This is one of the growth opportunities over the next decade.

Today, the Internet is necessary. It is no longer new. It changed from a toy of sorts to real business. And it will continue to grow and change going forward.

Employment, investment and societal change in the Internet took time. The same with the Metaverse. It will take time, but it very likely could happen.

This is how we should look at the Metaverse. It will be very different from the world we live in today. And over the next several decades, it will continue to grow, expand and change.

As the years pass, we will get comfortable with the meaning of the term, Metaverse.

Stay plugged in to Metaverse as it changes going forward

Winning investments and jobs will be different looking forward. We’ve been down this path before. We know what to expect.

That’s why if we are to profit from this new area, we must remain plugged in. We must sense the growing and changing risk and growth opportunity.

The Metaverse will be very large and very important to many in our society. In fact, the Metaverse will take many different forms depending on the companies and users.

Ever since Facebook recently changed their name to Meta, suddenly there are more Metaverse news stories than ever.

The good news is this is part of the process of educating ourselves. The bad news is no one report tells the whole story.

Plus, all these news stories focus on one area of a very large opportunity. That means confusion will lead the way for years to come.

Metaverse growth companies; Meta, Qualcomm, Intel, Cisco, Huawei

Companies to keep an eye on as Metaverse players include hardware and software providers, and companies which use this new technology to offer new services. That means companies in spaces like semiconductor chips, cloud services, processors and so much more.

This includes companies like Meta, Oculus, Qualcomm, Huawei, Cisco, Intel, Microsoft, Google, Apple and so many others.

In fact, as the years progress, every company in every industry could become a Metaverse player.

Even if they are not really a Metaverse company, expect every company to use it in their discussions with the marketplace. This will create more confusion.

The Metaverse will impact companies in every industry and many users, eventually. The problem is the way we are talking about it today it sounds like our world will change overnight.

It will not.

It will take time to develop. Years. A decade from now we will still be in the very early stages of the Metaverse.

Time to get smart on Metaverse opportunities and risks

Don’t worry. You didn’t miss the Metaverse train. Now is the time to start following this new space. Learn the direction it is heading. Who the leading companies are today, and who will they be tomorrow?

Leaders will vary as the Metaverse grows and expands over time.

To many, the Metaverse is already with us. And to them, this is true.

You see, the Metaverse is a book with many chapters. Some chapters have already been written and read. Others are still to come.

The Metaverse is like the Wild Wild West

The Metaverse will take many years to develop, and we are still in the very early stages.

It will change, but it will take years. We will watch it grow and change many times over the next decade and in fact decades.

So, like I said with the Internet decades ago, the Metaverse is like the Wild-Wild-West. It is full of growth opportunity and risk.

Now is the time to start to follow this new area. It is most likely not going away, and it will show strong growth going forward.

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