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During the heat of the summer, it’s more important than ever to be able to keep cool while you’re hanging out at home. Not everyone has access to central air conditioning, and there are times you want a nice breeze while you’re sitting in the living room. That’s where picking out the perfect floor fan comes in handy. These are our favorite picks.

Taotronics tower fanTaotronics tower fan

Best overall:
Taotronics tower fan

Staff Pick

If you have an open concept home, keeping the entire room cool isn’t always easy. An oscillating tower fan makes that more manageable, and the best all-around pick is the Taotronics tower fan. It features an LED display with the temperature, with three fan speeds and three wind modes. It’s an excellent pick to supplement an air conditioner and is a bladeless model, comes with a remote for easy adjustments, and has a timer that will run for up to 12 hours.

$78 at Amazon

Vornado 184 tower room circulatorVornado 184 tower room circulator

Runner up:
Vornado 184 tower room circulator

Tower fans circulate air throughout larger spaces without taking up a lot of room in the process. Instead of oscillating to keep your entire room cooled down, the Vornado 184 Tower uses V flow circulation to get the job done. It has a sturdier base with vents in specific parts of the tower so that each angle of the room receives airflow without the fan itself needing to move. It also has four different speed settings, an impressive 5-year warranty and stays quiet, which makes it great for use during those hot summer nights. One of the only downsides with this fan is that when it gets dusty, it can be quite hard to clean thoroughly.

$97 at Amazon

Amazon basics circulator fanAmazon basics circulator fan

Best budget:
Amazon basics circulator fan

If you have a small space that needs cooling, investing in a high-powered, expensive fan isn’t always the best option. The Amazon basics circulator fan delivers a stellar choice perfect for small spaces. This option comes in two sizes, 7-inches or 11-inches, making it an excellent pick for kids bedrooms or dorms. This pick features 3-speeds, as well as being able to tilt 90 degrees.

$26 at Amazon

B-Air firtana high velocity fan B-Air firtana high velocity fan

Best industrial:
B-Air firtana high velocity fan

In some cases, you may need a fan better suited for industrial locales. The B-Air firtana high velocity fan is an excellent option for use in the shop, garage, or back porch. This pick features a 20-inch fan, 3-speed settings, a portable handle, and an adjustable tilt. It also features an all-metal design that is easy to set up or take apart, making it easy to keep clean and use for years to come!

$55 at Amazon

Lasko 1827 pedestal fanLasko 1827 pedestal fan

Best pedestal fan:
Lasko 1827 pedestal fan

Pedestal fans are one of the most popular models out there that you can buy. They offer up a degree of adaptability and are often far more adjustable than any other type of fan. While there is a wide variety out there, the Lasko 1827 pedestal fan delivers a great experience that is simple to set up and easy to use. There are three different speeds, and this fan is also super easy to put together and take apart. This means that when it’s time to clean the dust off of the blades, it’s an easy process. The 1827 is also super adjustable, allowing you to tweak the face of the fan forwards and backward, oscillate it when it’s in use, and move it up to a full height of 55″.

$42 at Amazon

Bottom line

Each fan that made our list offers up different features and sizes so that there is an option out there for every person and budget. Whether you want a no-frills option that cools down the room, or you want all the bells and whistles possible there is a fan here you’ll love. However, our favorite option is the Taotronics tower fan

This fan manages to bring some great features to the fore like multiple speeds, small size, and remote control options, without costing an arm and a leg in the process. When you consider it also has LED button controls, a timer so that your fan turns off automatically and doesn’t take up much room, it’s easy to see why it’s worth every penny.

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