Lenovo Legion gaming phone: What to expect?

Gaming phones continue to be on the rise, with Lenovo imminently looking to join the fold. The Legion gaming phone (that’s a working title) – which the company has been teasing for some time – has leaked online on Chinese social site Weibo, showing off a little more of what we can expect from this device.

First thing’s first, we’ve long been told that this device will feature Qualcomm’s 865 chipset, the top standard that we’ll likely see in 2020. That brings a lot of power, ideal for top-end performance.

Furthermore there’s an expectation that the screen will be a 144Hz panel to deliver super-smooth gaming performance. That ekes just beyond the current swathe of 120Hz panels that are entering the market.

The photo shows off what appears to be an in-screen fingerprint scanner, along with dual rear cameras. The device appears rather chunky, presumably to house a considerable battery capacity, backed up with purported 55W super-fast charging.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about this leaked photo, however, is the full visualisation of accessories. The clip-on case means left and right controllers, complete with buttons, joysticks and illumination. And that little box appears to be bundled wireless headphones.

We’ll go out on a limb here and say flight case not included. But you never know…

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