LG OLED TV deals can save you a massive amount of cash on premium displays this weekend

If you want to take your weekend TV to a whole new level, we've got the best OLED TV deals to bring you premium displays for far less than their usual prices. That means you can save an eye-watering amount of money on a high-quality TV right now, with 55 and 65-inch models available for up to $700 / £1,200 off. 

The cheapest OLED TV deals we've found in the US this weekend start at just $1,296.99 for a 55-inch LG B9 model, with the UK seeing fantastic offers on this LG B8 OLED TV coming in at under £1,000. Of course, as you move up the price scale you'll start finding larger models with more powerful processors available for a little more, so whether you're looking for an entry model or a premium high-end display, you'll find the cheapest OLED TV deals right here. 

It's safe to say these TVs are the best of the best. OLED TVs are known for their powerful, high-contrast picture quality, achieved through using pixels that each emit their own light, rather than relying on a backlight to display an image – like regular LED models. Not only are LG OLED TVs some of the most visually spectacular displays you'll find on the market, but LG has also been leading the way in OLED TV deals recently as well.

Such high-end displays obviously carry the price tags to match, so if you're a little taken aback by those costs, you might want to take a look at the QLED TV deals we're featuring further down the page. You'll find prices starting at $697.99 in the US, with UK offers beginning at £499.

There are some fantastic LG OLED TV deals available below, but if you're after more you can check out the latest OLED TV sales right here on TechRadar. 

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If those OLED TV deals are still looking a little pricey, you might find better luck with a Samsung QLED. QLEDs still rely on LED backlights rather than having individual pixels transmitting their own light, but they offer an extra layer of quality in their quantum dot color panels placed over the existing LED display. The result isn't as mind-blowing as an OLED, but it still offers a competitive advantage of a standard 4K TV. We've spotted some fantastic QLED TV deals in both the US and the UK this weekend. 

QLED TV deals in the US

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QLED TV deals in the UK

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Fancy taking a look at some other brands? We're always keeping an eye on the best OLED TV deals around, but if you're looking for something a little cheaper you'll also find plenty of 4K TV deals available right now. 

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