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LG Wing leak suggests a swivel phone with hidden screen

LG is reportedly planning a phone with two screens, but with a difference: one is only revealed when the top one is swivelled horizontally.

The LG Wing, as it is allegedly codenamed, looks like a conventional 6.8-inch Android smartphone, but exposes a 4-inch “sub screen” when rotated. This can be used for all manner of applications, including a keyboard.

The second display is more a multitasking screen, therefore, with other utilities suggested. It can show photo editing tools, for example, or related information when you are watching a video.

The “Wing” codename is thought to have been adopted because the handset looks like it has, well, wings when it is in its T-shape.

Leaked by ETNews in LG’s homeland of Korea, the new phone could just be in the prototype stage for now, so is unlikely to see the cold light of day anytime soon. However, we like the idea and it does fit in with the company’s new strategy of looking for different types of devices to set it apart from rivals.

The name, LG Wing, also matches its new naming convention – having ditched the numeric style names of former years for a simple, descriptive title for the LG Velvet.

We’ll update when we know more about the new, leaked swivelling device.

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