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Floor Lamps

Strategically placed lamps can take your room from mediocre to beautifully designed. Floor lamps have become a staple piece in every living room. Use a classically styled or a contemporary designed lamp to act as an accent to your current decor as well as a beautiful way to illuminate your room. We recommend the TECKIN LED Floor Lamp as it looks great, provides an ample amount of light, and also comes equipped with a reading light.

Best Overall: TECKIN LED Floor Lamp

Teckin Floor Lamp lifestyle

Teckin Floor Lamp lifestyleSource: Teckin

The TECKIN LED Floor Lamp is excellent for anyone who likes to read or work in their living room. Not only does this spectacular lamp brighten your entire room with its built-in 20-watt LED bulbs, but the Daylight warm light will help you save 80% energy compared to normal bulbs.

This particular floor lamp is designed to give you options. Whether you’re reading in your favourite chair, lounging on the couch, or entertaining friends, this lamp can create a great ambience with the easy-to-use dimmer. Use the attached switch to choose from different settings, dimming it as low as 5%.

The entire lamp reaches 181.36 cm high, and the stand is 23 by 62 cm in diameter. It’s nice and slim in its minimal design, making it match almost any decor. It also comes backed with a 3-year warranty for a full refund or a replacement of the lamp.


  • Saves energy
  • Built-in 20- watt LED light
  • Simple dimmer
  • 181.36 cm tall


  • Can be too bright if tilted in your direction

Best Overall

Teckin Floor LampTeckin Floor Lamp


A tall lamp for your home

The TECKIN LED Floor Lamp comes with a built-in 20-watt bulb as well as a simple dimmer.

Best Modern: Versanora Arquer Floor Lamp

Versanora Arquer Floor Lamp lifestyle

Versanora Arquer Floor Lamp lifestyleSource: Versanora

The Versanora Arquer floor lamp is the perfect modern lamp for anyone who enjoys a sleek, modern feel to their everyday items. This lamp is part of an entire collection for the contemporary living room, making it a great addition to your already-modern home. Add this simple device to your home, and enjoy the added light.

Standing at 170 cm high, this floor lamp features a classic and clean design. Its stand is a simple black metal from top to bottom. The lampshade is attached to the body, so it’s the same black metal with a reflective, white inside. The style is that almost of a lamppost, but a bit more sleek to match your modern vibe.

The 50w E26 bulb for this particular lamp is not included with the lamp, but it’s a great way to conserve energy usage. Although this adds a few more dollars to your order, it will save you some money in the long run. So, this lamp is well worth the price and the additional cost of bulbs.


  • 50w bulb
  • Modern design
  • 170 cm high


  • Bulb not included
  • Pricey

Best Modern

Versanora Arquer Floor LampVersanora Arquer Floor Lamp

Versanora Arquer Floor Lamp

Floor lamp that’s simple and cute

The Versanora Arquer floor lamp features a modern design and is easy to assemble, even in a time crunch.

Best Aesthetics: Febland LED Double Twist Floor Lamp

Febland Double Twist Floor Lamp lifestyle

Febland Double Twist Floor Lamp lifestyleSource: Febland

If you’re someone who appreciates intricate designs and out-of-the-box thinking when it comes to styling your home, then the Febland LED Double Twist floor lamp is one to look out for. It reaches 128 cm high and features a weighted base, so you won’t have to worry about it falling over or losing its balance.

Unfortunately, there are no light settings on this besides the standard “on” setting. Although you can’t make this light many different colours, you also don’t have to worry about the bulbs dying on you. There are no bulbs that need to be changed at any point; just shine and go.

The design of the Brightech twist is unique. It is two lights that are twisted, intertwined, and connected at the top, shining light in every direction. The actual twists cannot be manipulated, but you can physically move the lamp in different directions to light specific areas.

Assembling this lamp is extremely easy as all of the tools and hardware are included. Simply screw the base on to the light and turn it on.


  • Intricate design
  • Shines light in every direction
  • No bulbs needed


  • One light setting

Best Aesthetics

Febland LED Double Twist Floor LampFebland LED Double Twist Floor Lamp

Febland LED Double Twist Floor Lamp

Visually appealing twisted floor lamp

The Febland LED Double Twist floor lamp features a unique and visually appealing design that shines light in every direction.

Bottom line

Add a little something extra to the appearance of your living room through delicately designed floor lamps. Not only are floor lamps perfect for brightening up your room, but they can also complement your furniture as a unique accent piece.

Whether you’re looking for a floor lamp to illuminate your entire room, or just a small area, ensuring that you pick the right type of lamp is essential to creating the perfect ambience. A reading nook does not need the same amount of broadly distributed light as a centre lamp does. That’s why we recommend the TECKIN LED Floor Lamp because it not only has a modern look to it, but it also comes prepared for multiple activities and brings daylight into your home.

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