Make your cake and eat it too with a fancy bundt cake pan

Bundt Cake Pan

A bundt cake is made using a fluted-designed pan. It’s deep and can be tricky to remove in one piece. That is why we recommend choosing a bundt cake pan that is nonstick. We’ve rounded up a good list of some of the best bundt cake pans that can be used for making the perfect cake with some that can double as gelatin molds.

These bundt pans take the cake

A bundt cake is traditionally round, tall and features a hole in the center. It also has a fluted design that holds powdered sugar, glaze, fruit, and icing in a way that looks gorgeous when finished.

The Wilton Perfect Results bundt pan is the best you can get. Wilton is known for its high-quality cake pans, and its bundt pan follows that transition. It is coated with a nonstick finish, so it’s super easy to get your cake out without it breaking.

For something a little more fancy, check out the bundt cake pan by Nordic Ware. It has a more intricate swirl pattern.

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