Microsoft’s future folding phone might feature a third screen on its hinge

Microsoft might solve the folding phone conundrum with a third screen across its hinge, a patent suggests.

The patent abstact reads: “Techniques are described herein that are capable of making a state-based determination of information to be displayed on a screen region of a hinge that is coupled to other screen regions.

“For instance, a state of a hinge that is coupled between a first screen region and a second screen region may be determined.

“Information that is to be displayed on a third screen region that is provided on the hinge may be determine [sic] based at least in part on the state of the hinge.”

There’s an obvious big take-away there: the third screen region (despite the patent images not explicitly revealing this) would do away with the need for any folding display. The two other screen regions would meet the hinge display to form one complete and coherent display. That could mean no creases, bumps, folds, or hyper-reflective surfaces.

It’s not the first time that Microsoft has dabbled in multiple displays: we’re expecting the Surface Duo later this year, a device which also uses multiple screens, but not a foldable panel.

This patent, therefore, could spell the future for an even more seamless Duo-like experience. We shall wait to see…

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