Motorola’s new Razr stopped folding after just 27,000 folds in this test

A recent teardown of Motorola’s new Razr found it to have a thin flexible display and a hinge that’s hard to repair, and if that had you at all wondering how durable the foldable is, then an even newer video showing a robot folding it thousands of times has an answer for you: Not very.

Motorola’s new Razr stopped fully folding after 27,000 folds – or about around three-and-a-half hours into CNET’s video above, which pit a “FoldBot” folding machine against the handset. The video producers looked at the phone a few times during the test to inspect it for damage, and by the third time, they discovered it could hardly fold, likely because the hinge was no longer aligned. 

The phone’s flexible screen, however, was still in working order.

If you assume a person checks their phone around 100 times a day, then the phone’s hinge could malfunction just nine months after purchase. However, it’s worth noting CNET believes the robot might’ve had trouble closing the phone prior to the 27,000-mark.

The site also only tested one device, and it mentioned that the folding machine wasn’t specifically calibrated for this particular phone, so there is obviously some margin of error to consider. Motorola, meanwhile, also hasn’t said how many folds the Razr should be able to withstand.

Currently, Motorola is promising a one-year warranty for normal use of its $1,499 foldable Razr.

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