Nail your shot with these archery sights!

When you are arching, it isn’t always easy to get the perfect shot. Taking advantage of an archery sight means you can get a clear shot from much further away, which can be huge if you’re hunting or take part in competitive archery. Whether you want sights, or you’re hoping for a magnification lens, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Super adjustable

Trophy ridge fix series sight

Staff Pick

When shooting, accuracy is key. Nobody wants to miss the bullseye because their aim is slightly off, and the Trophy Ridge Fix Series Sight makes it easy to hit what you’re aiming at. It features five adjustable pins, and all of them are ultra-bright for shooting in low-light conditions. It also has second axis adjustments available. If you want more options, this sight is also available in a 3 or 7 pin configuration.

$70 at Amazon

LED Sight

TRUGLO range-rover pro LED sight

If you want a sight that will help you land the perfect shot, the TRUGLOW range-rover pro LED sight offers up an excellent option. It features a 1-dot LED sight with a full target on the sight that makes it easy to narrow down the next shot. It includes a quiver mount, which is adjustable for left or right-handed shooters. This sight also features a wider field of view so that it’s easier to pick your shots before firing.

$155 at Amazon

Premium precision

Garmin zero A1 bow sight

Not all bow sights are made equal, and if you want a top-end option for the future, this is the one to check out. The Garmin Zero A1 Bow Sight measures the distance between you and your shot, aiding in ensuring that you hit your target. It features LED pins to help you visualize each shot, and is customizable with single and multi-pin options. You can snag it for both right and left-handed shooting, and there is even an upgraded option available.

$800 at Amazon

Take aim

Archery sights have one job. To help you make the shot, you are aiming for. Whether this means physical pins or LED pins on your target, there are plenty of great options available out there. If we could only recommend one, it would be the Trophy ridge fix series sight it utilizes five pins to help you hit the bullseye every time, and they’re all adjustable and bright enough to use in low-light conditions. It also features second axis adjustments and can be purchased in a 3 or 7 pin configuration.

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