New leaks suggest that the Realme laptop could be a reality Realme GT Neo

Realme has been on a roll since the company was founded back in the year 2018. It has constantly been releasing a slew of smartphones and has even forayed into other tech devices that include televisions, and IOT products. 

The rumors of Realme working on a range of laptops that will compete with Xiaomi have been doing the rounds for a long while now. There was no official confirmation of any sort regarding laptops. 

But then Realme CEO for India and Europe Madhav Sheth, revealed that the company had plans to launch 100 products in the AIoT segment including smart bulbs, improved earbuds, smart speakers, and even laptops earlier this year. 

A previous leak had suggested that Realme has plans to launch a lineup of laptops in India in June 2021. And now, according to a report by Gsmarena, Realme published a questionnaire that inquired about users’ gender, age, annual income, which smartphone they are currently using, and if they are satisfied with it. 

This questionnaire also included notebook-related questions, which promoted the rumor of Realme bringing its own lineup of laptops soon. The questions inquired whether users are planning on buying a new laptop in the next three months and if they are how much would they be willing to spend on it. 

This question was accompanied by a range of price from Rs 30,000 to Rs 50,000, which could also be an indication on the price range Realme is looking at for its future laptops and notebooks. The form also inquired if the users already owned a laptop and if they did, then from which company. 

If the questionnaire is any indication then we can assume that Realme could be looking at a laptop launch sometime in the Q3 of 2021. But there is no assurance of this since currently all Realme launches are currently suspended

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