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No, GTA 6 won’t be announced this week – and it’s unlikely to be a PS5 exclusive

Rockstar Games has been pretty tight-lipped when it comes to GTA 6, but that hasn't stopped fans from speculating that the next GTA game will be announced as early as this week.

Rockstar Games recently changed its website's artwork, which fuelled suspicions that the company has something in the works. A new, unlisted video on Rockstar's YouTube channel was then found, leading some to think that an announcement is imminent – either for Bully 2 or GTA 6.

An announcement was rumored for March 20, but this date passed with no news. But some fans on the GTA forums believe that a GTA 6 announcement trailer is still coming on March 25 – there's even a countdown timer for the announcement- but we're not convinced.

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For a start, GTA publisher Take-Two Interactive has already suggested that we won't be seeing GTA 6 anytime soon. During an earnings call in February, Take-Two Interactive referred to the company's upcoming release schedule as the "most robust pipeline" in its history. 

However, this pipeline apparently runs over several years and the publisher exphasized that this doesn't mean we'll be seeing a AAA release every year.

"That said, we haven't always been able to achieve our goal of having a strong frontline release schedule in every year, even in the recent past," Take-Two CEO, Strauss H. Zelnick, explained during the call. 

"Given that we're a company that depends on our creative teams to make as close to perfect products as possible, we have to be willing to live with the vagaries of product deliveries. And that means, sometimes, we will have thin frontline years. But even in those frontline years, we've been able to deliver really great financial results."

Given that the next-gen consoles aren't releasing until the end of the year, and that GTA Online is still a gold mine, we don't expect GTA 6 to release (or be announced) anytime soon.

Will GTA 6 be a PS5 exclusive?

Rumors have also re-emerged that GTA 6 will be a timed PS5 exclusive upon release. Last year, TweakTown reported on an anonymous post on PasteBin that claimed that GTA 6 will be a timed PS5 exclusive, releasing in "Holiday 2020". That would mean GTA 6 would launch alongside the PS5 and Xbox Series X. If this happened it would be a huge surprise, as we're not realistically expecting the game anytime soon – nevermind this year. 

The original poster also claimed that "Sony paid 'huge money' in order to secure a 1-month PS5 exclusive". It's possible GTA 6 will have PS5-exclusive launch content like Red Dead Redemption 2 did, but a one month timed exclusive release on PS5 seems a bit short.

While we're not expecting to a GTA 6 announcement soon – never mind this week – we'll just have to wait and see what happens on March 25.

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