Nothing phone (1) gets discounted for Black Friday: Get your glyphs for less

(Pocket-lint) – The Black Friday sales are now underway and there’s one interesting device that’s got itself a discount – the Nothing phone (1). One of the more unique launches of 2022, the Nothing phone (1) sports the Glyph Interface on the rear of the phone to make it a little more unique.

Nothing is Carl Pei’s – best known for his work at OnePlus – new company and this is the first phone. It’s already good value for money, but this discount makes it even better.

Nothing phone (1) - save £50


The Nothing phone (1) is designed to be something new and exciting, making a change from the old guard of Android phones. There are certainly unique elements to it none more obvious than the Glyph Interface on the rear which uses a series of LEDs to illuminate. That can be used for notifications or just for fun. 

Elsewhere there’s a good quality display, plenty of power and speed and a nice refined Android user interface.

That’s not the only mid-range smartphone that’s discounted, however: there’s also a cracking deal on the Pixel 6a

Writing by Chris Hall.

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